Pawleys Island Hammock

The Pawleys Island Hammock is one of the most preferred brands of hammocks in the world! It originates back to an interesting history consisting of The Original Pawleys Island Rope Hammock. Let’s take a look into the world of Pawleys Island Hammocks!

Pawleys Island Hammocks is known to be the very first hammock manufacturer in the US. It was discovered all the way in 1889 that a certain rope design was perfect for very hot climates as well as for allowing lots of ventilation. It took many trials before the rope hammock was finally assembled. Innovative designs included the early wooden spreader bars without knots. These bars were found to be quite helpful in evenly spreading the ropes for better balance and overall comfort. Surprisingly, this early design is still being used to day, after 100 years have past. This shows how amazingly innovative the original Pawleys Island Hammock really was.

Today there is now a wider range of products by the same brand sold in the market. Though you can still obtain the traditional Pawleys Island Hammock with tags that indicate authenticity. Original Pawleys Island Hammocks can come in natural cotton as well as soft spun polyester. And there’s even more products available to date. You may choose from a range of stands, sophisticated quilted fabric hammocks and a wide variety of accessories. Various sizes are also now available. You may now choose from a standard model that caters to a single user to an oversized model that caters to more than one user.

It is said that the Pawleys Island Hammock is the Hammock made for presidents! In fact, president Harry Truman is said to have received a uniquely gigantic Pawleys Island Hammock as a gift. Now you can own one too! The oversized hammock is made only with the best-quality cotton rope. Spreader bars are made of luxurious seasoned oak and spread out to the length of a whopping 65 inches. These bars are also designed to slightly bend for a more aesthetic appeal and comfortable swing. Furthermore, the hammock itself is 8 percent larger than the regular hammock.

To complete your dream hammock, you may add pillows. The best pillows to add to your new hammock are those special hammock pillows with Velcro tabs. These pillows are able to stay put while your hammock sways. A hammock stand may also be useful if you happen to have no trees nearby to hang your hammock. Pawleys Island Hammocks can be well supported by 15 feet long and heavy gauge stand parts made of steel. You can be sure that these parts can hold up to 600 pounds.

There are many other products by Pawleys Island Hammocks that are at the top of consumers’ lists. The Pawleys Island Hammock Chair is considered as the top cotton rope chair in the industry. You can choose from a several variations including the castaway rope chair for $89, taupe jacquard sand hanging hammock chair for $153 and single cushioned swing with striped design patterns for $150. Pawleys Island Hammock Chairs are great for almost any location, which could be your patio, yard or pool area!


How To Hammock – Tip #1

Your hammock is not a toy. It is dangerous to let children play in a hammock. No one should jump up and down in the hammock. Children must not use it as a swing because it could come off its hooks and go crashing to the ground, along with the child.

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How To Hammock – Tip #2

Getting into a hammock. The correct, and safest way to enter and exit a hammock is to first center your weight as much as possible. After insuring that the hammock is properly hung, stand with your back to the hammock and pull the edge towards your knees, and then lower yourself into the center.


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How To Hammock – Tip #3

How long do hammocks last? Several factors will influence how many years of use you will get from your hammock. Different materials and weather conditions interact on the life expectancy of hammocks. For the best results follow the care instructions that come with your hammock.

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