How To Hammock

Hammocks are a favorite among campers and homeowners alike. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and many are actually easy to install. And if you want to know how to hammock, you can definitely build one yourself!

The first thing you need to do is to find a suitable place for you to learn how to hammock. There are hammocks out there that enable you to set them up in just about any place. However, there are always better places to set up your own hammock for the first time.

If you are just learning how to hammock, determine the perfect campsite. There are some places you might want to avoid. For instance, you might want to stay away from the lee side of ridges, hills and cliffs, as these places tend to invite cold wind. Also stay away from camping by streams, lakes and springs. Furthermore, avoid places that tend to have heavy dew, because this can cause a lot of condensation. Instead, consider camping deep in the forest, on rocky or uneven ground and on beaten tracks. These are great places to practice setting up your hammock. On the other hand, you can simply practice in your own backyard.

Now lets learn the actual techniques on how to hammock. There are many ways to hang your hammock. To hang your hammock the way it had been done originally, hang it between two trees. Before you do this though, it is imperative that you find not just any pair of trees, but suitable ones! The perfect pair of trees would be close to the same distance apart as your hammock’s length. If you want to raise the hanging length, add bits of chain or rope on the ends of the hammock. To find out if the space is appropriate, open out the hammock and place it over the ground in between the two trees. Add around 12 inches on opposite ends and up to 5 feet of clearance on the sides for generous swinging space.

If you just bought a hammock with instructions, it’s important to follow them. Some people try to do away with the instructions and end up with disaster! You can use some techniques with care. You may screw hooks into the trees or posts for you to fasten the ropes with more ease.

You may also use posts, which should be around 8 feet in length. What you need to do first is to dig two separate holes around 2.5 feet deep and then put a post in each. Fill the holes with mixed cement, and finally brace the posts up. Make sure the cements have completely dried before hanging the hammock. You should wait around 3 days.

Make sure that your hammock is well secured. It doesn’t hurt to check that every connection isn’t wearing off. The ropes should appear in top condition and strong enough to carry heavy weight.

Once you now to basics on how to hammock, learn to use it! It’s often advised to avoid making sudden movements and wearing anything that could get stuck in the hammock like your wristwatch, pins and jewelry. Despite many durable hammocks available these days, you still need to take good care of your hammock by folding it up nicely when storing it and washing it with mild detergent when it gets soiled.

How To Hammock – Tip #1

Your hammock is not a toy. It is dangerous to let children play in a hammock. No one should jump up and down in the hammock. Children must not use it as a swing because it could come off its hooks and go crashing to the ground, along with the child.

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How To Hammock – Tip #2

Getting into a hammock. The correct, and safest way to enter and exit a hammock is to first center your weight as much as possible. After insuring that the hammock is properly hung, stand with your back to the hammock and pull the edge towards your knees, and then lower yourself into the center.


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How To Hammock – Tip #3

How long do hammocks last? Several factors will influence how many years of use you will get from your hammock. Different materials and weather conditions interact on the life expectancy of hammocks. For the best results follow the care instructions that come with your hammock.

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