How To Hang A Hammock

So you’ve thought about getting a hammock, what now? Generally it is quite simple to set up a hammock in your backyard or campsite. However it’s always good to learn the basics on how to hang a hammock, wherever you may be.

You don’t always have to look for two trees to hang a hammock. There are actually various ways to hang your hammock, and for one, you don’t necessarily need trees! Besides, it can be quite difficult to fund equally spaced trees or trees that are big or strong enough to support a hammock. Thankfully there have been many ideas created out there on how to hang a hammock.

If you are lucky to find the two trees, the steps are simple. All you have to do first is determine if the tree is mature enough to carry the weight of your hammock. Don’t forget to factor in the weight of its user. The perfect trunk diameter to use would be 12 to 14 inches.

Now if you want to know how to hang a hammock with spreader bars in general, there are a few things to consider. Every hammock that is new and especially made of cotton or rope system is going to be shorter in length when fresh out of the box. Once you use the hammock a few times it will eventually become stretched until it is slightly longer than it originally was. So when you first hang your new hammock, try to stretch it tight. However, make sure you don’t stretch it too tight that you are applying too much pressure on the hardware.

Whenever you notice your hammock has stretched considerably, the extender chains or ropes may be shortened. Take note though that the extenders on each side should be equal in length to each other. This way you will ensure the balance of the hammock and prevent it from easily tipping.

The best height to hang your hammock between two supportive objects is 4 to 6 feet. Oftentimes you will need to figure out the best tightness for you hammock. In any case, a kit on how to hang hammock would be a great deal of help and can make it easier to care for your trees and go through the right steps all in one try.

In case you only have one tree to support your hammock, get a post. The post should still be strong enough to support the entire weight of the hammock. A good post would be made of treated hardwood that is 6 by 6 inches. A post is ideally put 3 feet into the ground and set in concrete. Wait around 72 hours for the concrete to dry before hanging your hammock.

Another way to hang a hammock is with a stand. Oftentimes hammocks and stands are now sold in one package. Simply follow instructions, but the key is to know what to do when the stand develops a break or a bunch of cracks. When you notice some signs of wear and tear, you can replace the ingle beam with a replica of it. You should avoid replacing a load bearing hardware part or beam with a counterpart that is weaker or smaller in size.

When learning how to hang a hammock, all you need to remember is balance. Remember that a hammock will be in top condition as long as it is equally stretched from both ends.


How To Hammock – Tip #1

Your hammock is not a toy. It is dangerous to let children play in a hammock. No one should jump up and down in the hammock. Children must not use it as a swing because it could come off its hooks and go crashing to the ground, along with the child.

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How To Hammock – Tip #2

Getting into a hammock. The correct, and safest way to enter and exit a hammock is to first center your weight as much as possible. After insuring that the hammock is properly hung, stand with your back to the hammock and pull the edge towards your knees, and then lower yourself into the center.


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How To Hammock – Tip #3

How long do hammocks last? Several factors will influence how many years of use you will get from your hammock. Different materials and weather conditions interact on the life expectancy of hammocks. For the best results follow the care instructions that come with your hammock.

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