Hammock Tent

Campers have always been equipped with a tent they can pitch and a sleeping bag to roll out while camping outdoors. However there have been new ways of putting up shelter while camping. The hammock tent is one of the best ways to keep sheltered while out in the while. This tent is typically suspended between two trees. It usually comes with a covering that protects the camper from external elements. Let’s get to know more about hammock tents.

Sometimes campers will go ahead and build their own hammock tent. That’s how simple the concept of this unique tent is. However there are so many more types of hammock tents out there. There can be quite elaborate ones and definitely those that fit your specific needs. The entry system of hammock tents can be sealed with a zipper, group of snap buttons and many other sealing systems.

So what’s so special about hammock tents? One reason why many campers prefer to use a hammock tent is it’s easy set-up. With traditional tents, you have to pitch a tent up and use a separate sleeping bag to place inside. On the other hand, hammock tents are basically like your typical hammock with spreader bars. You get to have protection all around with from a built-in mosquito net to a canopy. Protective covers already come with your hammock, which is quite convenient.

An obvious advantage in using a hammock tent is maximum comfort while in the great outdoors. Even when using sleeping bags in a traditional tent, the ground can be quite rocky and camping out will just mean getting a backache in the mornings. Furthermore, you’re more likely to stay cooler in hammock tents, since they are suspended in the air. This makes those hot and humid days and nights a bit more bearable. And if you’re a true adventurer, you won’t always find the perfect surface to sleep on. Hammock tents eliminate all the discomfort and trouble searching for the perfect spot.

Next, a hammock tents provide a lot of convenience. They are very lightweight because they have no poles. You won’t also need a ground pad. A pad can weigh around 13 ounces. Add that to the average weight of lightweight tents, which could be 6 pounds. Hammock tents can easily weigh 24 ounces and give you the same shelter as a ground pad and traditional tent put together. So, you can definitely save up to 3 pounds of weight. Some hammock tents will also provide you with inner pockets for storage and a built-in mosquito netting.

Another benefit of using hammock tents is the fact that you can help protect the environment. It is believed that using tent hammocks, compared to setting up a traditional campsite, is less likely to cause harm to the environment. All you have to do is attach to two trees! Finally, no more pitching or assembling several different pieces together.

Not all hammock tents will have everything you need. If you’re planning on carrying a lot of small tools and equipment during your camping trip, it might be a good idea to get a hammock tent with a built-in storage system. When choosing the best tent for you, it all boils down to your specific needs.


How To Hammock – Tip #1

Your hammock is not a toy. It is dangerous to let children play in a hammock. No one should jump up and down in the hammock. Children must not use it as a swing because it could come off its hooks and go crashing to the ground, along with the child.

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How To Hammock – Tip #2

Getting into a hammock. The correct, and safest way to enter and exit a hammock is to first center your weight as much as possible. After insuring that the hammock is properly hung, stand with your back to the hammock and pull the edge towards your knees, and then lower yourself into the center.


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How To Hammock – Tip #3

How long do hammocks last? Several factors will influence how many years of use you will get from your hammock. Different materials and weather conditions interact on the life expectancy of hammocks. For the best results follow the care instructions that come with your hammock.

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