Hammock Chair Stands

Gone are the days when having hammocks meant you needed trees. These days, you can still enjoy hammocks even if you have limited space or treeless gardens. All you would need would be hammock chair stands.

Chair Stands

Hammocks used to be limited to full reclining ones. These days, you can enjoy the gentle swinging of a hammock even in an upright position. That is what hammock chairs are for. In the past hammock chairs could be easily used by hanging them from a branch of a sturdy garden tree. As an alternative, they could also be hanged from beams and hooks attached to an outdoor patio. The obvious problem though is that not everyone has large garden trees. Settling for hooks and beams on the other hand would mean your hammock chair would be stuck on a permanent position.

This is where hammock chair stands come in. Chair stands are perfect for houses with small gardens that don’t have big trees. The best thing about chair stands is that they can also be moved from one location to another. This means you can enjoy your hammock chair anywhere you want to. You don’t need to stay in the patio when you need a soothing swing.

Stand Design

Hammock chair stands come in different frame designs. Often though, the differences aren’t just for aesthetic purposes. There are some functional differences to the various frame designs.

  1. The c-frame is probably the simplest but most modern of the available designs. This frame can be used nearly anywhere because of its simple design and small base. It does not have any side or horizontal top bars. The design allows greater freedom of movement for you without having to worry about hitting side bars.
  2. The side framed swing stand is an older design. It would look much similar to a garden swing chair frame with vertical side bars and a horizontal top bar. This type may take a little more space than a c-frame but it can still be easily moved around. Its greatest advantage is the stability of its square or rectangular base.
  3. Hammock chair stands can also come in tripod form. Its tripod base offers as much stability as a regular square framed stand. Its main advantage though is that the tripod base can easily be folded into a compact form. This is therefore a perfect stand for those who like to bring their chair hammocks during long road trips. A tripod frame can easily fit into a car trunk.
  4. A double stand would look much like a traditional square or rectangle frame. The only difference is that it can support two hammock swing chairs. This is the perfect frame choice if you want to enjoy your hammock experience with a significant other. Do make sure though that the stand can support combined weights. Always check maximum weight capacity.

Hammock chair stands are wonderful hammock accessories. They simply make sure that nothing can stop your enjoyment of a good hammock.


How To Hammock – Tip #1

Your hammock is not a toy. It is dangerous to let children play in a hammock. No one should jump up and down in the hammock. Children must not use it as a swing because it could come off its hooks and go crashing to the ground, along with the child.

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How To Hammock – Tip #2

Getting into a hammock. The correct, and safest way to enter and exit a hammock is to first center your weight as much as possible. After insuring that the hammock is properly hung, stand with your back to the hammock and pull the edge towards your knees, and then lower yourself into the center.


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How To Hammock – Tip #3

How long do hammocks last? Several factors will influence how many years of use you will get from your hammock. Different materials and weather conditions interact on the life expectancy of hammocks. For the best results follow the care instructions that come with your hammock.

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